What happens if someone just stops paying?
We help friends and family to choose the right circle members before inviting them. We also provide them with a reliability score for every user to check, however any disputes that happens among the circle members are for them to resolve among themselves.
Can I join a public circle
Yes you can. Depending on your score and badge you can join public circles with certain payout amounts and select certain slots. You can also boost your score at any time by verifying your ID, address, Uploading an HR letter and signing a direct debit authorization
Am I insured against fraud? (what happens if someone stops paying)
Yes we do insure circles, depending if you’re joining a private or public circles. For private circles (invitation based only circle that are usually between friends and family. We usually do not need to insure private circles, however in some case we can interfere to manage that everyone is treated righteously. Once a user is approved to join a public circle, we do insure that everyone in that circle pays on time. If someone stops paying at any given slot, we manage to chip in until we legally force and collect the cash from that defaulted user..