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Why MoneyFellows ?

No interest charge

We don’t charge interest on loans, only a fixed fee deducted before you receive your payout.

Saving together works better

Saving alone is boring and hard. Saving with friends and family is fun, easy with Moneyfellows and keeps you on track.

Quick and easy to get started

Start your circle and validate it within minutes (as soon as your friends fill in all empty slots)

No Credit History Required

You decide who to invite and how much to lend them based on trustworthiness, not their credit history.

Saving and Lending with Empathy

Friends and families understand and support each other in a way that bank never would.

Real Financial Empowerment

When you use moneyfellows you feel financially empowered. You don’t need the banks, just your friends and family around the world.

Questions ? visit our FAQ or chat with us here


Create or join a MF money circle

Start your pool by selecting the amount of payout per month and the total amount of pay-ins per month.

Invite your friends to join

Select your friends from 1st & 2nd degree network. You can use Facebook, twitter, personal email or work email to find a larger pools of candidates among social suggestions.


Receive your payout

Option #1: Moneyfellows affiliates

Purchase items from our commercial partners and get guaranteed discounts.
Our partners network is growing DAILY so you’ll always find the best deals for all your purchases.

Receive your payout

Option #2: Moneyfellows prepaid card

You can also get your money paid out to your personal MF Prepaid Card, accepted everywhere.


Receive your payout

Option #3: Bank transfer

You can select to transfer your money to a bank account in any of the 121 countries we’re supporting (44 different currencies).

NOTE: Users paying from Egypt can only receive their payouts on Egyptian Banks

Climb the moneyfellows Ladder

By joining or starting circles, you earn points that can increase your credit limit, enabling you to join circles in the MF community beyond your own social circle. Those points also grant you more discounts, incentives & additional advantages.


So how does it actually work ?

Here is an example with £800 L.E circulating between 5 friends

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