Trusted and Convenient Money Circles

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1- Increasae Limit

Increase your limit by providing verified data to unlock more circles and higher payouts.

2- Find Matching Circle

Depending on our credit assessment, a user will then be able to select a preferred slot and amount. We provide a wide range of circle options for every users to select from.

3- Pick Slot

Once a suitable slot has been found a user can simply pick it and follow on with the next steps like choosing one of our available pay-in and pay-out options.

4- Use Suitable Payment

We offer a range of payment options for every user to select from. Our current supported options are:

  • Direct Salary deduction from your HR department: We reserve exclusive slots and higher payouts for those corporate partners employees.
  • Card payment: Simply add your card. We will then charge it every month with the installment.
  • Cash collection: Simply add your address and contact details and we will send you an agent for installment pickup or payout delivery.

5- Get Payout Fast Loading

Payouts can be redeemed using one of these options:

  • Bank transfer
  • Cash delivery
  • Product purchase from our commercial partners (coming soon)

As Low As ZERO Fees

Our fees are calculated per selected slot. The very first slot being the highest and the last slot being zero.

Flexible Payment Options

We offer a wide range of payment options for every user to select from.


Trusted Circles

Circles you can join with other trusted peers subject to meeting our scoring criteria.

MoneyFellows Score

The more verified data you upload, the higher your limit grows

Trusted Circle

Join Trusted Circle

Trusted circles are circles with other participants that are not necessarily within your social graph. Meaning trusted circles are with others that we believe are trusted enough for you to be able to join circles with. Because we believe very much in our screening and assessment methods Moneyfellows will guarantee all pay-ins subject to signing the Moneyfellows legal contract before receiving the payout.

Frequently Asked Questions


When comparing doing an offline tradition Gameya vs doing it online with Moneyfellows there are a couple of benefits for you to consider:

  • Moneyfellows’ Gameya is an easier way to browse and find suitable circles that doesn’t necessarily have to be with others that are within your own social graph. This allows you to access circles with other trusted participants from a much wider pool of potential candidates.
  • Moneyfellows’ gameya is completely efficient, transparent and automated to an extent that you can manage, track, join pay installments and receive your payouts without having to even move from your sofa.
  • Moneyfellows’ Gameya keeps track of all payment behaviour and many other things that helps you build up your credit score. Building up your credit score on Moneyfellows then will allow you to join circles with higher payouts, join more public circles and even eventually being able to access third party financial services based on that score.

Yes, MoneyFellows is registered and approved company in both Egypt and United Kingdom and abides to law rules.

All payments made through our platform is being controlled and regulated by our banking partner. We never hold our user’s funds in our very own bank accounts. Every user signs the contract that is also counter signed from Moneyfellows obliging us to repay every penny we get (minus our fees) to the designated user.

  • Trusted Circles
    Are circles with other participants that are not necessarily within your social graph. Because we believe very much in our assessment methods, Moneyfellows guarantees all payments.

All users are required to fill minimum requirements to join Trusted Circles, including signing a legal contract and providing valid National ID. Users would also need to authorize payments from either their payrolls (via their employer’s HR or Finance department) or cards.

We allow various payment option to make users life easier using:
  • Salary Deduction: we deduce paying automatically from partner corporates.
  • Credit Card: we accept credit card payments for paying.
  • Cash Collection: we will send someone to your place to collect payin.
We allow various payment option to make users life easier using:
  • Bank Transfer: we will transfer the payout to your bank account.
  • Cash Delivery: we will send someone to your place to deliver your payout.

We charge a small service fee added to the monthly installments. The fee is deduced based on the user’s slot position and circle amount and ranges starting 0% for late slots and up to 5% for early ones. An example for a 5,000 EGP payout circle with 10 members is as follows:

500 EGP
500 EGP
500 EGP
500 EGP
25 EGP
20 EGP
10 EGP